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See Me Beautiful

Okay, ladies, let’s talk about us.

When was the last time you saw a picture of yourself that you’d be happy to display?  Other than your wedding or senior portraits, have you ever had pictures taken of just you?  Does your husband have one special image of you that can be kept on his desk at work?  Is there a picture you’d like to show your grandchildren one day of how you looked in your prime?

We’ve been thinking about it, and we think it’s time we got together to celebrate the beauty we women bring to this world.  Besides, it’s almost January, and most of us will be thinking about how to take better care of ourselves.  What better time could there be to book a session to celebrate how great you’ll look this year?

We’re excited to be offering a new portrait session this year, and it’s just for you!  If you’re interested, please take a look here and contact us to chat about scheduling a See Me Beautiful session.

We can’t wait for the fun to start!


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